Summer 2022

  • Javier Jimenez-Casquet; La Hacienda
  • Chris Lomas; Worplesdon
  • Blyth Reid; The Hertfordshire
  • Ceri Menai-Davis; The Shire London
  • Mark Chapleski; Troon International

“With the Solheim Cup being held at Finca Cortesín just up the road next year, we hope that many people will come to visit from the US, Canada and Europe, and stay at La Hacienda Alcaidesa Links.”

“It’s quite ironic having underperformed in all of my GCSE’s and A-levels that I actually realised how important education was, and after becoming a Master Greenkeeper, I thought to myself, ‘What else do I do now?’”

“The key is the team around you. The staff need to be enthusiastic about what they do, to be empowered to make their own decisions and to believe in the overall ethos of what you are trying to achieve.”

“We help people to live better lives through sport. The fact that we use golf as the vehicle is less important than the fact that being outdoors promotes health, well-being, community and better family relationships.”

“It has been such a rewarding career with Troon, for many reasons, but in a nutshell the main influence in who I am today is that I have been able to experience so many different cultures around the world.”

Fair Comment

I’m lucky that my wife wishes to learn to play so we can spend time together on the fairways in our dotage. She began a few years ago on the back of the love.golf programme, and her club, like mine, has a dedicated nine-hole course. Yet, while there are many well-intentioned initiatives to encourage more women to play, the lack of dedicated nine-hole courses – particularly in mainland Europe – risks wasting any impetus these programmes generate.”

Michael Lenihan, publisher

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