Autumn 2020

  • Michael Braidwood; Education City
  • Anna Darnell; The Grove
  • David MacLaren; JCB Golf & Country Club
  • David Scott; Dumbarnie Links
  • James Ibbetson; Farleigh

“When we reopened we doubled the number of our memberships in the space of a couple of months. Okay, we’re a new facility and we’ve only been open for 18 months, but as regard volume of rounds, July has been our busiest, which is great.”

“In line with many venues, we have seen some larger corporate bookings move to later in the season, but the leisure business has been robust, bouncing back quite quickly, and this is hugely encouraging for the future.”

“I decided at that stage, before I exhausted myself and completely keeled over, [that] it was time to just step back. And there were some internal and personal politics as well, as there always are in these situations.”

“It didn’t really excite me, seeing all these fancy jets, because I’m not really into jets, but I love golf, and I love talking to golfers. So, when the opportunity like this came up, on a brand-new golf course, there wasn’t a question in my mind.”

“I really bought into Marc and, while the club was a big reason for making the move, it was more Marc. I like him; I like his vision; I liked the way and the direction he wanted to take the club in. And I thought I could definitely help with that.”

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